Our Story

We believe that our priesthood (including initiated priestess and priests, schools, communities, organizations, etc.) should be financially fortified to provide their services without having to live in squalor or concern for their basic needs. We do this by various programs:

Priesthood Program – provides funding to individual priestess and priests in the pan-afrikan community. Our goal is to provide all basic needs such as housing, food, and everyday living expenses.

Pan-Afrikan School Program – provides scholarships to Afrikan based pre-k to high school for families unable to fund this type of schooling.

Alternative Schooling Program – provides funding to post high school graduates looking to train in a holistic, priesthood, or other alternative training.

Organization Funding Program – provides funding to Pan-Afrikan community organizations, private organizations, websites, communities, and events.

Individual Spiritual Support Program – provides stipends for individuals needing spiritual work (readings, rituals, etc).

The Founder

High Priestess, Maat em Maakheru Amen

Ma’at em Maakheru Amen is a Brain Balanced, Kemetic & Olmec High Priestess, Yoruba Initiate, author of the books: UnWOMBded: Unlocking the Universal Uterus and Whatz In Your Womb.  She is a trained and experienced veteran in many healing modalities.  However, her continued expertise at providing evolutionary communication is her claim to fame.  She is the originator of the Womb Evolution program which is a reinstating and evolution of a program that Ma’at began over 13 years ago with her first business, the URban Energy Center. Now with over 15 years of experience with a variety of women’s lifestyle situations including her own, she is divinely equipped and expertly trained to guide an individual through a total evolution of what we think of as the Womb.  She currently offers training through a consortium in which she co-founded, Melanated Immortals Making Evolutionary Changes (MIMEC)


High Priestess, Maat em Maakheru Amen