How can you help?


Our mission is aid in the enrichment of the lifestyles of those who support us in holding our spiritual frequency, researching our legacy, and developing our children.

Many of these individuals, schools, researchers, and organizations have issues making basic ends meet.  However, they still find a way to continue to provide their gifts to us.

The Maat Foundation has provided thousands of dollars to support this mission and we know we can do more. With your help we can do much more.

There are many ways you can help out with the Ma'at Foundation and yourself.

  1. Purchase our books.  Proceeds from Whatz In Your Womb and UnWombded:  Unlocking the Universal Uterus go to the Maat Foundation.
  2. Join, recommend, or promote the Womb Evolution Program or the Womb Evolution Power Weekend Intensives.  Proceeds from these programs help fund the Maat Foundation.
  3. Sign up, recommend, or promote classes or services on MIMEC (Melanated Immortals Making Evolutionary Changes).
  4. Donate any amount - Click Here

4 thoughts on “How can you help?”

  1. Peace!!! March 8 is national womens day. I was thinking next year we could hold a Wombman’s pamper retreat here in Detroit and promote and advertise over the next year to bring Womb elvolution here for international womens day. I have a family friend who has part ownership of a church on the west side of Detroit and I am sure we could utilize the space!!!

  2. I will gladly repost and send whatever energy I can in support of this endeavor…Big Love

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