MECCA Frequency Transmission 4: Melanated Wealth Frequency

"We are radiating a frequency of abundance so strong that the legacy of wealth in our families and communities are the best they have ever been."





The Mission of King's Philosophy is to Harmonize the unity needed for Black organizations to thrive, so that Humanity can survive; and because WE ARE THE SOULS THAT REFUSE TO DIE.  Our Ancestors that have come before us, LIVE WITHIN!

​Being diametrically opposed to any forces of evil intent that would separate, destroy or attempt to conquer the perfection of creation, King's Philosophy of the SOULS OF LIFE SOCIETY (SOLS) aims to bring to conscious awareness and action, all souls, all groups, and all nations who identify with the Spirit of the living, to achieve the best that life will provide through the strength and power of the All Benevolent and All Sufficient Creator of Life Itself.  Find out more about SOLS here

Special Announcement

This week's hosts:  Souls of Life Society will have a special call to amplify this week's M.E.C.C.A. Frequency transmission.  Join them on Thursday, 10/17/19 at 7pm EST, 605-472-5480 code: 947968#,  Playback 605-475-4954.


Mut Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet founder of the Ra Sekhi Healing Arts Temple who hosted last week's frequency had this to say:

"I asked everyone to set their alarms for 9 am and 9 pm est to pray and meditate on healing for our people worldwide. I noticed a change personally from ones close to me coming to a place of peace and harmony on a different level. I am sure this will have subtle changes on all those who chose to participate. We would be happy to have another week in 2020 if there are times still available. Thanks so much for sharing your vision and this vibration with us all. Dua NTR"

We will be honored to have them host again in 2020!  Find our more about Ra Sekhi (Kemetic Reiki) and more by clicking here.

Dr. Charli Brown who has been keeping the frequency with us since the beginning, recognized that she is now feeling the Melanated Collective Conscious with each week.

Dr. Charli will be hosting a frequency Dec 2nd - Dec 9th.  We will hear more about that in the coming weeks.

If you have a reflection, we would like to hear it.  Please share.


  1. Get a 7 day candle and set the intention of aligning with the M.E.C.C.A. Frequency as a whole or the 1st Transmission
  2. If you have chanting beads (Malas), do a round 108 chants to the M.E.C.C.A. frequency
  3. Add a focus to your daily meditation on the M.E.C.C.A. transmission for the week (see below)
  4. Feel free to holla at us for any questions or comments.  We would love to hear from you.  Add your comments below or email us at [email protected] for private comments.