The Mami Wata Fund (Organization Funding Program)

provides funding to Pan-Afrikan community organizations, private organizations, websites, communities, and events.

We named this fund for Mami Wata because as the Great Mother she provides for and nurtures her children.

The Bes Fund (Pan-Afrikan School Program)

provides scholarships to Afrikan based pre-k to  high school for families unable to fund this type of schooling.  We also provide contributions to homeschooling families who have sacrificed a 2nd income to provide afrikan centered schooling to their children.

We named this fund after the Ancient Pre-dynastic Kemetic Ntr Bes because he is the patron deity of the children.

The Shepsu Egungun Fund (Individual Spiritual Support Program)

provides stipends for individuals needing spiritual work (readings, rituals, healing, etc).

We named this fund for the Shepsu/Egungun(Ancestors) because it  is the ancestors who directs an individual to their spiritual path.

The Oya Fund (Priesthood Program)

provides funding to individual priestess and priests in the pan-afrikan community.  Our goal is to provide all basic needs such as housing, food, and everyday living expenses.

We named this fund for Orisha Oya because she is the deity of the ancestors and the ancestors are calling for us to regain the knowledge of our original Afrikan Spiritual systems.

The Jehuti Fund (Alternative Schooling Program)

provides funding to post high school graduates looking to train in a holistic, priesthood, or other alternative training such as Dr. Jewel Pookrum’s Brain Balance Program,  Dr. Liala Afrika’s Holistic Training Program, Ra Sehki Kemetic Reiki Training, green home building, or agriculture.

We named this fund after the Ntr Jehuti because he deals with divine learning and intelligence.

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