UBE Villages



To reinstate the knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, cooperation, innovation and utilization of the divine genealogy of human beings in order to experience high frequency living and being.  It houses


Components of Urban Being Eco-Village (UBE)


Home of the Temple of the Great Cosmic Mother & Melanated Immortal Priesthood Consortium


Our Temple compound will house a melanated immortal priesthood (those who focus on the transmission of the Melanin Frequency), Order of the Jaguar (ancient Olmec Matriarchal priesthood), and the Order of the Great Mother (Ka Ra Maat em Uben Mut Ntr).


Why we need this:


1) Cosmic changes:  We know we are in the 26,000 year transition where the poles shift. We need to know where, when, and how to be.


2) World Political changes:  Ish is crazy!  COVID, Vaccines, World order, etc.  We don't need to wait to see what happens.  We need to define what's going to happen for us.


3) Evolution & Return of the Cosmic Mother:  We are constantly being giving instructions about this space & time we are in.  We need to compare notes.  No one is ever going to determine our legacy again.



Vegan Flava Manufacturing Facility & Commissary

This facility will use green technology for energy, Kangen Water machines for filtration, cleaning, and processing.  Its primary use will be for mass production of Vegan Flava cuisine for public & private schools, Whole Foods, and other health food markets.

The facility will also serve as a commissary for vegan food trucks and caterers.

Due to the high rate of disease and the influx of available health information from documentaries on health, the Vegan market is booming!  The southern united states market is virtually untapped.  We are targeting these markets.

Tech City

UBE Village will house a tech city specializing in solar farming and Cryptocurrency mining.  The Solar farm will supply the energy needs of the village as well as for the sale and storage of solar energy outside of the village.  The cryptocurrency mining will be used as a tool to keep the village financially viable and self-sufficient by mining our own electronic currency.

Currently our group holds experts in solar farming and cryptocurrency.

Retreat & Convention Center

UBE Village will serve as an urban oasis and tourist attraction for our target cities and surrounding areas.  Our convention and retreat center will feature Eco-dome buildings, zen gardens, arts & culture center, and observatories.


UBE Village will offer housing for singles, retirees, and families.

 The center for Melanin Realization:  This is a large facility used to promote melanin realization for the black community.  Maat hosts a monthly expo here where she provides her monthly Melanin Message and/or brings in a special guest speaker.

Black Women’s Restoration Program:  This is a 2 year residential program for women to restore their wombs and minds to their original divine programming.

Soul Psychic Fair:  Annual fair bringing Afrikan priesthood, practitioners, and diviners together to showcase the origins of spiritual knowledge.  This event has been done in NC, VA, and DC.

Maat Foundation:  This is a Pan-Afrikan Charity designed to help the melanated priesthood, researchers, teachers and activists with their financial needs.  There are various funds designated for different activities.  This is the fiduciary agent for the UBE villages & Temple Compound.